I’ve had him less than a week. This is what clean water, heat, and quality food does to a pathetic looking fish. Take proper care of your fucking fish.


man it pisses me off when people treat fishes like crap because “they’re not real pets” fish need the same amount of care as any other pets, you need to make sure their tank is clean and safe, make sure they get the right type of food (yeah that’s right, there are different types of fish food) make sure if they get ill you give them the proper medicine and make sure you have a big enough tank for the fishes. Take goldfishes for example, they can grow up to 30cm and live for 50 years for them you need a big tank try not to have a few fishes in a small tank thinking that they don’t grow more than 6cm. Read up on fishes before you buy em.

I hate how impulsive people are when it comes to getting fish, other small pets, and even big pets. Then they neglect the poor animal and try to get somebody else to take it off their hands. You wouldn’t do that with a damn child, so don’t do it to an animal. I know this always gets laughs when I say it, but animals are people too. Seriously.



one time my dad gave me a glass of milk and i meant to ask him “who’s milk is this” because i wasnt sure if it was for me or if i was supposed to give it to my brother but instead i just stared down at the milk and said “who’s this”

then my dad turned to me without missing a beat and said “that’s your new friend mr. milk.” and we stared at each other and then he asked me if i was high

to this day i still have not lived it down